10 Dumb Things that Attract Men

It doesn’t matter what you look like. The following are ten things that will make men follow you like moths towards a bulb:


  1. Wide hips – Hmmmmmmh, I don’t know the reason for this one really but you can guess!
  2. Long legs – The less I say about this the better, but some legs just seem to continue like paths towards a horizon!
  3. Thin waists – Narrow waists drive men nuts, if you know what I mean, they accentuate the ultimate hourglass shape.
  4. Bigger busts – Whatever they say, men have something for bigger busts, OK, not too big, but at least something that can fit in their hands!
  5. Smiling faces – For goodness sake, smile, however dark your face or queer it is, smile and the whole world – of men – will smile back!
  6. Bright eyes – There is something deep within any pair of bright eyes that we men encounter, they melt us!
  7. Shorter skirts – Showing some flesh above the knee does it for very many men, you don’t even have to say anything!
  8. Hanging necklines – We call it cleavage and for a good reason. This one alone is enough to give you a job or deny you one!
  9. Sticking nipples – When you dress and leave those nipples sticking through your blouse, you leave a lot to be desired, literally!
  10. Soft voice – He doesn’t have to see you, sometimes listening to you speak on the radio or phone is enough to make him go Gaga!


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Born in Kakamega, Kenya, Shilaho Wa Muteshi is a published author, a biochemist and reproductive health consultant based in the city of Nairobi. He has more than ten years experience in teaching Public Health, Disease Epidemiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Maternal Child Health and Family Planning, HIV and Aids and many others at College and Undergraduate level. He has also managed various tertiary institutions in Kenya and also runs Smartpen Consultants. He has published two major novels, The Aids Ward, and Remains of Dead Hope. The Aids Ward is based on Dr. Mlachi who must beat a supernatural deadline by finding a cure for Aids before his brother dies. Remains of Dead Hope, depicts the fight of a people against tyranny. The two books are available worldwide via amazon.com, Google's goodreads.com and other major booksellers and stockists. Welcome to your favorite author's blog.

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