10 Stupid Careers that pay more than the US Presidency

I know you want to make easy money by doing nothing or doing very little. Luckily for you, you don’t need a college degree to earn the big bucks, you don’t need to step inside a school compound to earn more than the US president. Here are five more stupid careers we never encourage our kids to pursue, yet they can earn you ten times what Donald Trump would earn in a month.

  1. Ministering – Church business is big business. If you can convince everyone to pay you 10% of their income in the name of God, you will be richer than the US president within months. Start a church and laugh all the way to the bank, you won’t even need to pay taxes like everyone else!
  2. Mimicking – Hollywood calls it acting but I think it is miming or mimicking. If you can cram some few lines and repeat them on camera when called upon to, you can make millions of dollars without breaking a sweat. Ask Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina and they will confess they didn’t need a degree to do what they are doing.
  3. Conning – You must have come across people who sell refrigerators to the Eskimo or rain courts to those in the Namib Desert in the name of business. These people are making lots of millions by conning unsuspecting people, yet they don’t really need much education to do so.
  4. DJ – There are these idlers we pay in the name of DJs. They earn a living by missing some songs for us at parties and walking away with a fortune. Successful DJs are earning millions yet many of them never trained for the same.
  5. Porn – I don’t mean mainstream porn as we know it but the so called leaked sex tape industry. You don’t need any acting prowess. Take your boyfriend or some unknown fellow with a great body, film your bedroom antics and leak it online. You can then sell the rights like Kim Kardashian did and make more than 4 million dollars from what you loved doing for a mere 30 minutes.
  6. Music – Whether you have a shrill voice like that of a cricket or a husky one like that of a frog, you can make millions of dollars annually by making some noise in the name of music, dressing scantily and posting semi-nude videos online. Lady Gaga will earn 100 million dollars this year for singing worse than an insect.
  7. Sports – Do you know how much Lionel Messi earns for kicking around an inflated piece of leather around the lawn? Christiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Lionel Messi, each earn more than 20 million sterling pounds annually for doing nothing other than kicking some leather while we cheer them.
  8. Comedy – Can you make people laugh? Mankind seems desperate to find something to laugh about and that is why comedians are laughing their way to the bank for doing nothing. Remember Bill Cosby, we used to pay him millions for doing nothing but keep quiet and make faces, remember Mr. Bean too!
  9. Talking – Every TV and radio station has a talk show and these talk shows are driving everyone crazy while paying the talkers lots of hard cash. We can’t have enough of their yapping and because of that, we are all talking about the talk shows. Think Oprah Winfrey and tell me how much education she needs to make her millions.
  10. Real pretense– You must have noticed hundreds of reality TV shows such as the real housewives of Nairobi and the like. These shows aren’t real at all but we are madly in love with them. We want more reality than the one we are experiencing and pay millions for it.

Next time your son says he wants to play basketball instead of going to school or your daughter says she wants to style people’s hair instead of treating their obesity or crazy addictions, let them, they might end up earning more than the country’s chief executive.

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Born in Kakamega, Kenya, Shilaho Wa Muteshi is a published author, a biochemist and reproductive health consultant based in the city of Nairobi. He has more than ten years experience in teaching Public Health, Disease Epidemiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Maternal Child Health and Family Planning, HIV and Aids and many others at College and Undergraduate level. He has also managed various tertiary institutions in Kenya and also runs Smartpen Consultants. He has published two major novels, The Aids Ward, and Remains of Dead Hope. The Aids Ward is based on Dr. Mlachi who must beat a supernatural deadline by finding a cure for Aids before his brother dies. Remains of Dead Hope, depicts the fight of a people against tyranny. The two books are available worldwide via amazon.com, Google's goodreads.com and other major booksellers and stockists. Welcome to your favorite author's blog.

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