10 Ways to Know You are Dead


You know you are dead but doubt it. You want to prove it beyond reasonable doubt but find it complicated. How would you know that you died and are about to be buried? It is simpler than you think.

  1. When everyone starts fighting over your money – It sounds disrespectful yes, but the world over, people do it quite often. Fighting over a dead man’s property is the order of the day.
  2. When another man or woman moves in to take over your spouse – Is she still by your side or crying on another man’s shoulder? Is he sitting there with you or crying over a glass of beer surrounded by hot barmaids? You must be dead already.
  3. When you hear them discussing whether to bury or cremate you – Do you hear sounds of people discussing whether to bury or cremate you but cant take part in the discussion? You must have died long time ago.
  4. When your phone doesn’t ring for a whole week – When nobody seems to have a reason to call you and neither do you find any reason to call for a whole week or even more, and yet they call your family and friends, all of them must have heard the sad news of your demise.
  5. When you here sounds but cant tell from which direction they are coming – Do you hear sounds of people singing or crying and children playing but cant see or place from which direction they could be coming from. Don’t worry, you could be dead already.
  6. When you wake up and seem to have forgotten everything – You think you woke up but everything seems to have disappeared from your mind. You know you should remember stuff but aren’t making any effort to. There is only one possible reason for that: You are dead.
  7. When you realize you actually forgave and forgot – People forgive their friends and enemies but never forget. When you wake up and find yourself to have forgiven and actually forgotten everything your worst enemy ever did to you, then you are in another world.
  8. When your spouse starts behaving like a widow or widower – You have been with him or her for all this while but then he or she starts behaving as if you were dead. What does it mean? Either you are dead or are dying soon.
  9. When you start trying to convince everyone that you saw Jesus (In your house or home) – Now, this isn’t funny. Some men and women try very hard to convince us how they saw Jesus or Moses in their very own home. Aren’t they dead already?
  10. When the doctor calmly tells this to your friends and family – Sorry guys, there is nothing more we can do.

Just a thought…

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Born in Kakamega, Kenya, Shilaho Wa Muteshi is a published author, a biochemist and reproductive health consultant based in the city of Nairobi. He has more than ten years experience in teaching Public Health, Disease Epidemiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Maternal Child Health and Family Planning, HIV and Aids and many others at College and Undergraduate level. He has also managed various tertiary institutions in Kenya and also runs Smartpen Consultants. He has published two major novels, The Aids Ward, and Remains of Dead Hope. The Aids Ward is based on Dr. Mlachi who must beat a supernatural deadline by finding a cure for Aids before his brother dies. Remains of Dead Hope, depicts the fight of a people against tyranny. The two books are available worldwide via amazon.com, Google's goodreads.com and other major booksellers and stockists. Welcome to your favorite author's blog.

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