12 Crazy Things Women do in the Bathroom

Ever thought of installing a CCTV camera in the ladies bathroom and finding out the crazy stuff they do in there? Well, don’t because I figured that out for you. Here are the crazy things women do when they visit the restaurant’s bathroom.

  1. Freshening up – Most women feel the need to freshen up every 30 minutes and when out on a date, there is no better place than the mirrors in the bathroom.
  2. Getting a change of clothes – Ever looked through a woman’s hand bag? Well don’t, but it shouldn’t surprise you to find an extra pair of shoes, blouse or even underwear.
  3. Comparing notes – When they want to talk about the guy they just met at the bathroom, women troop to the bathroom in pairs and talk in whispers!
  4. Make up – She will go to the bathroom to reapply her cutex, adjust her false nails, mend her weave or wig and reapply lipstick.
  5. Thinking – A man will pretend to listen while thinking when out on a date but a girl will technically rush to the bathroom to figure things out and decide whether you really are the man.
  6. Kissing her girlfriend – You don’t expect her to tell you that she is bisexual, do you? Most women are and when the craving strikes in the middle of a date, the best they can do is go fondle, kiss and giggle away from you!
  7. Checking her purse for pills – She wants to go all the way but must first check if she carried any protection, you know things like pills, condoms or something!
  8. Smoking – Have you just met, she probably doesn’t want you to know that she smokes and that is why she takes that trip to the bathroom just to have a puff, rinse her mouth and come back!
  9. Prayer – You may think this is funny but I accidentally walked into the ladies bathroom and found some girl praying with a bible in hand, probably asking for guidance from God over the loser she had just met, anyway she was fully dressed!
  10. Changing the sanitary towel – Probably she is young or stressed and didn’t know what was going to hit her and at what time, there is no better place to do that, is there?
  11. Calling back up – She has probably figured out that you are loaded with some good amount of cash and wants to call her colleagues to help her spend it. She goes to the bathroom to secretly call them!
  12. Calling her ex – Probably you just pissed her off and she can’t stand you any longer. She rushes off to the bathroom and calls her ex as a matter of urgency to come and save her from you!


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