15 Reasons Women prefer Chocolate to Sex

Women are a strange lot. Most of them would prefer chocolate to sex at any time of the day or perhaps pick on both rather than let those cacao bars rot away in the dust bin. Here are some reasons I came up with on why this could be the case.

  1. It never made anyone pregnant, wrapped or not and yet that is what scares most women during sex!
  2. Chocolate increases oxytocin production which produces an orgasmic feeling without making one exhausted like sex does.
  3. Chocolate doesn’t snore right after munching it the way men do after a dose of sex instead of cuddling a little after.
  4. Chocolate adds to their weight, an excuse they really need for getting fat after marriage.
  5. Munching chocolate needs not be in secret like it would for the other business.
  6. Chocolate arouses no feelings of jealousy like sex does
  7. Chocolate decreases blood pressure unlike sex which increases chances of suffering from both stroke and heart attack.
  8. Chocolate suppresses coughs something a smelly man’s mouth may actually initiate during sex.
  9. Chocolate inhibits diarrhea, a health benefit you won’t get from sex at any given time of the day or night.
  10. It stimulates alertness and makes their brains active for talking throughout the night when they should be sleeping.
  11. Research suggests that chocolate contains antioxidants that keep cancer at bay.
  12. Chocolate suppresses migraines which many women suffer from time to time.
  13. Chocolate is a proven aphrodisiac, meaning it can help the other process as well, something women would actually gladly invite.
  14. Chocolate relaxes the mind and the body by systemically dilating blood vessels, something sex can do albeit with some struggle involved.
  15. It doesn’t get boring when eaten the same way every time. Huh?

And you thought I was kidding?

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