Five ways to Legally win the Lottery


  1. Buy all the tickets produced – Under normal circumstances, only one ticket wins the jackpot. If you want to strike it rich without all that probability and machinations put in by the companies, buy all the tickets they produce and wait for annunciation of the winning entry. Of course it must be one of them. The only problem is that you may spend more than what you will win!
  2. Borrow the winning ticket – This one is tougher but cheaper than the first way. All you have to do is wait on the day they announce the winner and hope that he or she is kind enough to help you take their ticket to compare with yours that failed miserably by winning nothing. You can then walk away and claim the prize.
  3. Take away all the tickets – You might have to break in or something but if you can identify where the tickets are stored before being distributed to those eager to win, you can secretly replace them with worthless replicas and cart away the originals, one of which must surely win the lottery. The legality of this one is based on the fact that you won’t be caught.
  4. Purchase them on credit – Approach the company running the lottery and purchase all the tickets on offer but on credit so that when they announce the winning ticket, you can pay back the value of the tickets they advanced you. If you are brave enough, insist on paying for the winning entry alone since the others must be useless!
  5. Spend less and save – This one must be the easiest way of striking it rich. Spend less than you earn, however little it may be and save the rest. It doesn’t matter how long it will take, some day you may actually save more than you would have won in whatever lottery people keep dreaming about. Sound investment may actually transform your fortunes faster!

Disclaimer: If you have some grey matter beneath your skull, ignore the first four and pick the last one, the only possible way to win the ‘lottery’.

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