How Rich Are You?

Wealth prediction

There is a website that predicts how rich you are based on net earnings and the number of family members in your household. Based on this tool, I am among the world’s 33% richest and my income is twice the global average. If I gave only 10% of my net income to charity, this could help in the distribution of close to 100 insecticide treated mosquito nets, close to 400 schistosomiasis treatments and save five years of healthy life. If this is how it feels to be in the top 33%, I am deeply worried for those in the bottom 33%, and I mean it.

How rich are you?

Come on, you are richer than you think and the good thing is, giving the 10% or whatever percentage you give will not change your fortunes for worse, and in reality, you would still be better off than millions or even billions of the world’s inhabitants. Let us make a difference by helping those in need. Visit and find out how rich you are as you prepare to donate and save the world’s neediest.

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Born in Kakamega, Kenya, Shilaho Wa Muteshi is a published author, a biochemist and reproductive health consultant based in the city of Nairobi. He has more than ten years experience in teaching Public Health, Disease Epidemiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Maternal Child Health and Family Planning, HIV and Aids and many others at College and Undergraduate level. He has also managed various tertiary institutions in Kenya and also runs Smartpen Consultants. He has published two major novels, The Aids Ward, and Remains of Dead Hope. The Aids Ward is based on Dr. Mlachi who must beat a supernatural deadline by finding a cure for Aids before his brother dies. Remains of Dead Hope, depicts the fight of a people against tyranny. The two books are available worldwide via, Google's and other major booksellers and stockists. Welcome to your favorite author's blog.

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