Reasons Men Cheat on Pretty Women

Men are like dogs, they sometimes need no reason to cheat

If lions can mate fifty times in a day, saying men are like dogs is an understatement, but this isn’t the only reason why they cheat on their pretty wives and girlfriends with women who aren’t good looking at all. Why do men cheat with women who aren’t prettier than their wives and girlfriends?

If you give a man 95%, he will still search for the missing 5% and vice versa

Cheating is much more than just having sex with another person. It is about searching for what is missing and that is why it is wrong for women to try and find out what the other woman looks like or seek to smash or scald her face so that their man does not look at her again. Most men and women cheat in search of whatever is missing in their unions. You give them 95% and they look for the remaining 5%, you give them the 5% and they will turn and trey to find the 95% elsewhere.

The other woman is not always prettier or sexier

It all boils down to dissatisfaction with one aspect or another in the current union. When a man cheats, it doesn’t mean the other woman is prettier or sexier, it doesn’t mean you aren’t pretty or beautiful enough, and neither has it anything to do with your level of intelligence. Cheating supersedes looks, it goes beyond what we can see and at times we need no excuse or reason to cheat. Mere proximity to a woman willing enough to shed clothes and sleep with us is enough to make us cheat.

We are animals and no animal is monogamous

I have said it before and will repeat it here. We are animals and no animal is monogamous, not even dolphins that have sex for pleasure like we do, no species in the animal kingdom, including our very own advanced Homo sapiens can claim to be monogamous, and that is why the chances of cheating if we know we wont be caught remain high no matter what our partner gives.

In most cases it’s always about availability and willingness

The other woman may have plainer looks, worse than anything you have seen before but that doesn’t mean she isn’t attractive to some extent. For as long as your man has eyes and the other woman remains in close proximity, and not only close but also willing for a good session beneath the sheets, chances are he may fall for her, if his self control isn’t that good, and most men do not have enough of this.

Men pick kindergarten dropouts over MBA graduates

Next time he cheats on you, don’t blame it on looks, don’t blame it on your weight. If you are fat, he may still cheat on you with a fatter one, and even if you are smoking hot, he may still choose the next shoe sole that passes his way or finds him at the work place, if you are intelligent, he may still choose some dimwitted kindergarten dropout, such are the psychological complexes that shape and reshape relationships. Need I say more?

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