10 Random facts on Female Fertility

Here are random and surprising facts on female fertility.


  1. Fertility peaks at 25 and nosedives at 37 making younger women unusually fertile and older women harder to conceive.
  2. 22% body fat is necessary for ovulation and menstruation, making it hard for skinny and malnourished women to conceive while those that have a BMI of 19 – 25 have the best chance.
  3. Conception is still possible whether you have sex standing on your feet or your head since sperm locomotion defies gravity.
  4. 20% of couples are not conceiving because they are not having sex or are having it at the wrong time of the month! While sperms can last up to three days after deposition, ovulation lasts for a few hours every month!
  5. 47% of all women who undergo fertility treatment go on to successfully conceive depending on the cause of their fertility.
  6. 81% of all women think it is wrong to have a baby in their fifties while 19% of fertility problems are actually due to the man in a relationship.
  7. A third of all women or 33% have considered having a child on their own without a man, mainly due to the frustrations caused by male partners.
  8. A whopping 11% of women just don’t want to have children and would gladly abort if they accidentally became pregnant.
  9. Oral contraceptives help prevent pelvic inflammatory diseases, endometriosis, as well as ectopic pregnancy.
  10. 55% of all women who have trouble conceiving are stressed at their work place making work related stress a major function of reproductivity.
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