St. Osama bin Laden must be in Heaven Surrounded by Virgins

Osama bin Laden is a saint to many followers

Call him the most wanted terrorist but to some, a sizeable number of Al Qaeda followers, Osama bin Laden was saintly and died a martyr while fighting the holy war. If you have some knowledge of Islamic tradition, then you know that a man or woman who dies in the course of jihad is not doomed but goes directly to heaven. He is not condemned to hell fire; he is instead rewarded with tens of virgins ready to serve him in all possible ways.

He was killed fighting infidels and that makes him a martyr

Osama was killed while fighting infidels, infidels claimed his life despite his fighting for Muslim rights and this made him a martyr the moment his head was blown off by President Obama’s navy seals. He went straight to heaven despite the feeling in some parts of the world that he might have slaughtered thousands of innocent men, women and children.

Many more will be willing to die for what they deem to be justice

It’s because of this martyric death, if you permit me to twist the English language a little, and the promises made to his followers that many more Muslim youth were willing, are willing and will be willing to take up his cross and avenge his killing, it’s because of the promise of going to heaven and enjoying the company of some hot women that Al Qaeda’s vengeance will be kept alive, it’s because of this promise that the holy war will continue and blow up more planes and choppers.

He was trained by the CIA and used against Russians in Afghanistan

Let’s face it, Osama bin Laden wasn’t a bad man to his followers, he believed in his preaching and followed his religion with a passion that is not common among many Muslims or members of another religion. He wanted all foreigners out of Muslim lands which they had violated. He started by fighting the soviets in Afghanistan and was trained and supported by Americans.

He knew all CIA tricks since he was an ally of the US

He knew all the tricks in the CIA rule book and gained insight through his dealings with high level intelligence against the Russians. He only discovered that they too were not in a hurry to leave the Middle East and turned the war against them. Can you blame him for that?

He discovered their need to use him and dump him

The US wanted to use Osama bin Laden against the Russians and dump him but since he was far too intelligent than they were, he dumped them instead after helping orchestrate Soviet disintegration. When they started hunting him down, it was only clear that this war with him would take a long time for many in the middle east were against foreign troops on their land and the support Israel received for raping and mutilating Palestine. Some people now believe he never actually died, and some may even claim that he resurrected. Stay tuned.


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