12 Natural Ways to Ease Labor Pains

Labor pain varies from woman to woman but in most cases one may have: Persistent lower back pain or abdominal pain, with a pre-menstrual feeling and cramps. When the waters break, the muscles in the womb contract and the pain increases as the cervix dilates. Here are twelve ways to ease that excruciating pain…


  1. Aromatherapy – Use of essential oils extracted from various plant sources may help in relaxation by relieving stress and anxiety.
  2. Hydrotherapy – Women who are immersed in warm water or have a warm bath during the earlier stages of labor have less labor pain than those who don’t.
  3. Therapeutic massage – Applying some pressure on a pregnant woman’s back, hips, abdomen, thighs, sacrum or perineum has been known to ease the pain.
  4. Yoga – This ancient practice can be used to control breathing patterns, relax body, mind and soul and ease pain during labor.
  5. Slow music – Music is known to be therapeutic. Playing it smooth and slow during labor may actually sedate the mother to be.
  6. Dancing – I don’t mean dancing to rock or hip hop but slow dancing with a partner accompanied with the slow music above may help ease the pain.
  7. Cheer up – Focusing on what makes one happy, and feeling cheerful throughout the labor period may help in relaxation and therefore ease the pain.
  8. Talking – Being able to talk to those who understand, expressing any fears or communicating with loved ones throughout the entire labor process may help.
  9. Companionship – Sometimes all a woman in labor needs is an understanding companion that will hold her hand and listen to her moans.
  10. Changing the environment – Moving the mother to be from a noisy area to a calmer soothing place with less noise and light helps ease the pain.
  11. Keep moving – Walking, leaning, swaying, rocking and squatting may help ease the pain by distracting the mind and helping a pregnant woman relax.
  12. Warm and cold packs – Placing a warm pack on the lower abdomen, groin, lower back or shoulders during labor or a cold pack or latex glove filled with ice chips can soothe painful areas.
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