Do Aborted Fetuses Feel Pain?

Pain perception is a complex affair

The so called pro-life activists have tried in the past to use the element of pain felt by aborted fetuses as an argument against abortion. Do aborted fetuses feel pain? How much pain do they feel? How can we tell if they feel pain or not? While perception of pain remains a largely complex affair, studying it in yet to be born or aborted fetuses is a near impossible affair.

Fetuses have no capacity to perceive and interpret pain

With all due respect to the pro-lifists, from a medical point of view, fetuses do not feel pain and even if they did, their brains are not yet fully developed so as to perceive pain like we know it. Using pain as a tool against the choice of a mother, whatever her age, to terminate pregnancy is therefore missing the point by a wide margin.

Abortion technology has advanced towards a near pain free affair

Another factor that should be considered when advancing this view is the method used to abort the fetus in question. It is not always a matter of cutting a fetus into pieces or inflicting ‘pain’ by some other means until the fetus is expelled from the womb. Medicine has advanced so much that death sentences are no longer crude ways of ending a prisoner’s life like they used to be.

Abortion shouldn’t be painful to the mother or the fetus

No longer is hanging or death by a firing squad an option in many countries. Why then should anyone think along the same lines when advocating for or against abortion? Those who help women to abort are not in any case butcher men. They are trained medical personnel who have every technology at their disposal to make sure that fetal elimination is a hustle free as possible and painless to the mother.

Tissues without innervation can not perceive pain

Considering the age of aborted fetuses, some are aborted before they develop an elaborate nervous system which is necessary for pain perception leave alone interpretation and response. Mere tissues without a nervous system, developed or otherwise, can not perceive pain and that is the one reason why at whatever stage of abortion, pain is very unlikely and therefore not reason enough to dissuade those who are not ready to bear children from doing away with their pregnancy.

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