Hot Tips for Twitter Dating

Twitter love
Twitter love

Behold, there is a dating revolution. Everyone is on Facebook, everyone is on twitter, and the two social networks have become the latest dating instruments. What should you do to succeed when using twitter for dating? Here are a few hot tips to help you land your dream date via twitter.

  1. Remember twitter is like texting – Sending tweets is very similar to sending text messages, and this means you cant tweet every Tom, Dick and Harry if you want to succeed in using twitter for dating.
  2. Create an attractive profile – How does your profile look like? Whose photo are you using? To succeed in this new online game, you will have to style up a little, get an attractive photo and write an attractive profile page.
  3. List all your interests – Don’t restrict yourself to the one thing you love most like writing. Dates don’t come in avalanches and when they do, they should be questioned. Increasing your list of interests creates variety and makes you stand out as a flamboyant person.
  4. Start following – I advice you to start following those with similar interests. When you follow men and women with similar interests, logic demands they be tempted to follow you back, and that is where the juice lies.
  5. Start tweeting – Among those who follow you, and among those you follow, there will be one who will emerge the closest and that is the one to tweet constantly.
  6. Create a good impression – Just like in offline dating, twitter dating demands that you create the right impressions. No suggestive or sexy talk at the beginning and no talking dirty either.
  7. Keep your phone line closed – Do not be tempted to give your contact details to strangers you just tweeted the other day. Take your time to cultivate trust before you can release details tweet by tweet!

In case of a problem, in form your police, not me.

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