How to Lose Weight in 30 minutes

Many of us want to lose weight and we want to lose it fast. The following activities if conducted for thirty minutes every day will result into awesome weight loss and a leaner, fitter well built body. How can you lose weight in 30 minutes? Which 30 minute activities can help you lose weight?

  1. Kissing – Believe it or not, kissing burns 6.5 calories every minute and if done for thirty minutes every day may result in loss of 1 kilogram a month, provided all other factors are kept constant.
  2. Walking – Moderate walking for 30 minutes will see you lose 152 calories, equivalent to 0.78 kilograms in a month. Vigorous walking for the same time will realize a loss of 1.95 kilograms in a month.
  3. Dancing – Do you know you can lose weight through light dancing? Light dancing for thirty minutes every day will see you lose 0.63 kg while vigorous dancing loses 1.15 kilograms every month.
  4. Cycling – Leisure cycling for 30 minutes helps burn 114 calories which should see you lose 0.8 kg every month. Very fast cycling for the same period every day should see you lose 2.86 kilos every month.
  5. Stretching – Light stretching exercises such as yoga help burn 164 calories in half an hour which can help shed 0.84 kilograms every month.
  6. Running – You can run around with your children or partner or jog for 30 minutes every day and lose weight in return. Running burns 327 calories in half an hour, enough to help you lose 1.68 kilograms every month.
  7. Rope skipping – Skipping is a wonderful exercise when it comes to losing weight. Very slow rope skipping helps burn 327 calories, enough to shed 1.68 kg while very fast rope skipping will see you lose 2.5 kilograms every month.
  8. Housework – General household chores burn approximately 143 calories in half an hour, enough to help shed 0.7 kilograms every month provided you keep away from excess junk food after the chores.
  9. Gardening – Do you love that kitchen garden of yours? Gardening alone helps burn 327 calories in an hour which should help you lose 0.84 kilograms in a month.
  10. Sex – Having sex for thirty minutes every day will see you shed some 245 calories which should help you lose 1.25 kilograms in a month, translating to 15 kilograms in a year.

NB: Weight loss results from a net loss of calories and not mere calorie loss which can easily be recovered by excessive eating!

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