10 Lies Men Tell All the Time

Men lie all the time, I mean majority of men, but when they do it’s often to protect the object of their love from the consequences of truth. Here are 10 common lies your man could be using:


  1. She is just a friend – When you keep a chicken for a pet, the end result can never be different. Even among the most platonic of all relationships, men will always harbor sexual feelings for members of the opposite sex. If there is nothing between him and a close female friend, it’s definitely because an opportunity hasn’t arisen.
  2. I am stuck in traffic – Ooh please. Many a times, this answer is used by men running late, and many a times, it’s used when there is no traffic at all, just an indicator of him being bored with you or finding something else that is more worthy of his time.
  3. You look sexier when angry – Far from it. Many a times, men will find you sexy irrespective of the look on your face and an expression of anger can hardly improve things in that direction. However, to justify the actions that led to your anger, they’d rather counter them with that old tired line.
  4. You look fantastic – Women have this obnoxious habit of asking how good they look in an outfit, then going on to try a million other outfits irrespective of the answer. The truth is, you look far much better with nothing on, and whatever you wear is the least of our concerns. We would rather say you look fantastic to cut down on time wasted than have you there trying on everything!
  5. You are right – You know you aren’t right, your ideas probably suck and your priorities are lopsided more often than not, but your feelings must be protected and we must bring an end to this endless discussion. How about agreeing with you to cut it short?
  6. Nothing is wrong, I am fine – Really? Chances are you are the problem and for fear of hurting your feelings, he’d rather say there’s no problem. It’s possible Arsenal got beaten again, business isn’t going wrong, or there is a problem at his work place, but if he told you, you wouldn’t understand.
  7. It wasn’t that expensive – This is usually in response to something that must have cost him a leg. The truth is, most men would rather have you believe they are doing better than they are, simply because if he appeared broke, leave alone being broke, you would leave or worse, cheat on him.
  8. You have lost weight – Even skinny girls keep wondering whether they are as slim as they should be or have added weight in the wrong places. To counter these self doubts, a man will tell you, particularly if you are fatter than that hippo at the zoo, that you have lost weight. It’s just one way of making you feel better!
  9. I missed your call – Of course it’s better than saying I ignored your call, when that’s of course what happened. In this age, many people rarely leave their cell phones unattended to, for minutes, leave alone hours. Missing that call is therefore next to impossible unless he was working on something else that made it seem like your call could wait.
  10. This is what I have always wanted – Really? Women have weird tastes, and will often get us stuff that we really don’t need or rarely see as a priority, but again, for fear of hurting your feelings, we lie about what we want or what we would rather have more often than not.
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