Seven Solutions to Common Female Problems

Couples don’t have to fight, especially when the problems at hand are as a result of hormonal changes brought about by the ever changing estrus cycle. Here are seven solutions to seven common female problems that men face in relationships. This list is meant for men; any woman reading it should either ignore it or pass it to her man. Here are solutions to common female problems:

  1. Nagging – Nagging is one of the biggest problems men face from women. Do not disappear from the house thinking you will find her asleep; simply invest in some tiny ear pads that will keep away the noise without being noticed.
  2. Impulse shopping – Does she buy everything that is pleasing to the eye making you uncomfortable when out on a sight seeing mission? Don’t turn her down in a manner that will hurt her, simply avoid walking around with a credit card or ATM; it limits expenditure to what you had budgeted for.
  3. Lousy cooking – Most men are mistaken into thinking that all women are good cooks and should do the cooking all the time. When you get hooked to a woman who cannot cook, simply pretend that you love cooking instead.
  4. Prayer meetings – You know those bible studies or prayer meetings that crop up just when Manchester United is facing Barcelona? Don’t insist that you won’t attend them, simply feign temporary amnesia and disappear until they have ended.
  5. Jealousy – She will feel jealous whenever she sees you looking at other women be they on TV or out in the shopping mall. Invest in dark goggles that will hide the interest in your eyes when the neighbor’s cute daughter passes by.
  6. The other woman – She probably doesn’t know for sure that you have something going for the new sales executive at the work place, or that you have another family out of town, don’t giver her reason to start doubting you by hiding when you pick calls, openly criticizing her or becoming suddenly cold.
  7. Sex drought – Do you often get the normal I have a headache kind of excuses? Do not show her your real intentions. Just treat her right (away from the bedroom) and pretend that you don’t want it (sex). She will be the one initiating it instead and you will start smiling from the corner of your lips.

Disclaimer: No survey was conducted while coming up with this list of solutions, if they don’t work, don’t involve the FBI in searching for the author.

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