10 Simple Ways to Please Him

Men are easy to please when it comes to bedroom issues. Forget those loads of make up, invest in some sexy lingerie, take over control and tease him into submission. Cuddling may work for you but not for him, leg warming is a time waster and so is lengthy foreplay. Good luck in trying to please him.

Try the following:

  1. Go light on make up – Very few men, and I mean a negligible number appreciate loads of make up. Be as fresh as possible and you will see the difference.
  2. Dress the part – Are you one of those women who go to bed while dressed like a mountaineer? However cold it is, dress for some hot action, if you really want to and that means investing in some sexy lingerie however old you feel!
  3. Initiate things – Don’t just wait for him to start the whole thing, initiate some action and watch the smile on his face. Men love confident women who can take matters into their own hands, literally.
  4. Erogenous zones – Don’t waste your time on the whole of his body for men have only one erogenous zone and you know where that is.
  5. Guide him – Many women think that men are small gods who will figure out what to do and how to do it right. Guiding him will be more appreciated than sulking away in silence.
  6. Surprise him – Go for the unexpected. Just like women, men love surprises and that is what he needs. You can get a little naughty when least expected, he will love it.
  7. Blindfold and tease him – Blindfolding makes the action a little unpredictable. He won’t be able to see what is coming, reason enough to tease him until you already done it!
  8. Be a little bit rough – Most men do not like the cuddling business and do it just for the record, be a little rough with him and make your intentions known for that is what he craves.
  9. Take it out of the bedroom – Sex doesn’t have to be in the bedroom like many women think. Hit it off while in the bathroom, kitchen, stairs, car, train, wherever, it adds to the element of surprise.
  10. Make some noise – I don’t mean you start screaming your head off but some talk or sound is fine and should spice up the action. Silence may be golden but only in a classroom or library!


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