Why is Female Virginity Highly Overrated?

While most men will have slept with more than ten women by the time they reach thirty, they expect to find a virgin woman to marry. Where would such a woman come from if one man attempts to sleep with an entire city before marrying? Why is female virginity still overrated long after the sex revolution?

28% of Australian men hope to marry a virgin

The suitability of a vehicle can not be judged by the number of people who have driven it before and so should a woman. An online survey conducted by FHM magazine in Australia in 2008 had interesting findings. 28% of the 57,000 men interviewed hoped to marry a virgin while a further 41% wanted a woman who had had five or fewer sexual partners.

Do virgins make for better wives or lovers?

Is virginity still overrated in the current world or do men just have unrealistic expectations? It has been reported that on average, a man sleeps with 9.5 women by the time he hits age 39 and that makes me very worried when the same men who have sampled close to ten women before settling down on marriage expect to find virgins out there waiting for them!

Men who have slept with entire villages shouldn’t expect virgin wives

While heterosexual intercourse is not the only way a woman loses virginity, it is plain dumb for a man who has already slept with an entire village to still expect a virgin or some woman who hasn’t offered herself to any man by the time she is thirty, and worse still, to expect a virgin when there are many ways to break the hymen! The same men continue their sampling procedures even after marriage and continue to deflower as many girls as they can and when their son’s reach that crucial marital age, expect them to marry another virgin.

A woman was recently arrested for attempting to sell her daughters virginity

In backward societies such as village Africa and India, children are being abused, neglected and married off at a very tender age. It is not entirely uncommon for insensitive old men and women to marry off their daughters to the next rich man in the street while they are less than 13. A woman was recently nabbed while trying to sell her daughter’s virginity to a wealthy man for 10,000 dollars not caring for her girl child’s future at all.

Does it mean virginity is still fashionable?

Does it mean virginity is still fashionable? Are there any virgins left among women who are 30+? Should promiscuous men whose things stand at the mere site of a nine year old girl expect to find virgin wives even after sleeping with entire villages? While looking at ears or some other body part may not be enough to tell a virgin man from one who isn’t, expecting every vehicle in a showroom to be first hand, not having been driven before, even as a test drive, is folly in itself.


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