How to Get Him Back After Break-Up

Break up

You want him back, don’t you? He left you hurt, you cried all night long and called him a dog or some other animal, but now you want him back for old times sake, you want him back for all the love that you shared, you want him back because he meant the world to you, you want him back because you miss him so. How can you do that? Its really simple!

  1. Resist the temptation to call him – Many women stop living and start calling their ex soon after a break up. Men hate such clingy behavior and it only serves to further jeopardize chances of the two of you getting back together.
  2. Don’t follow him around – There is no need to follow him out and about hoping that he notices you. Just like calling him, following him around is an act of desperation that should be avoided.
  3. Don’t attack his new woman – He might have gotten a new woman already as a sign of his moving on. Fighting his new woman will only serve to alienate you further from the man you love.
  4. Don’t lie about a nonexistent pregnancy – Many women are tempted to lie about being pregnant so as to try and keep a man that is no longer interested in them. Normal men fear responsibility of pregnancy more than anything else.
  5. Go out and meet new people – Do not be a sour loser and go about tarnishing his image or attacking his person, it only serves to portray you as insecure and unworthy of his attention. Simply go out alone or accompanied and meet some new people.
  6. Concentrate on your work or hobby – Engage yourself in something fulfilling such as a hobby or your work. Men love women who are level headed and in control of their lives. If he sees that you are actually doing fine without him, he might think he was all the while useless and try to call.
  7. Ignore his calls – I know you love him and want him back but when he starts calling after break up, after calling you a whore and or even abusing you physically or emotionally, the best you should do is ignore his calls. Ignoring him will show him that your life does not depend on him and that you can stand on your two feet.
  8. Prepare conditions for his return – If he keeps calling you, if he comes calling, hoping to see you, you may have to prepare some conditions he must meet before you accept him back.
  9. Don’t be too quick to accept him back – Play by the rules, let him adhere to the conditions or at least meet his part of the bargain. Have a buffer zone in the relationship, a testing duration within which he must show his reformation before things go back to where they were.
  10. Keep your eyes open – You got him yes, he came back alright, but that does not mean you give him plenty of room to hurt you again and again. Keep your eyes open lest he messes again.

Good luck, but remember losing some men is in itself good riddance.

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